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Why Our Temporary Fencing?

On Time, Every Time

If you want a temporary fence rental, then make Top Notch Temporary Fences in Dallas your go-to provider for reliable service every time. We provide prompt delivery, set up and pick up of your temporary fences. We ensure your fence delivers to your chosen location on time and get it set it up efficiently there so that you are all set for your event, construction project or another occasion. We also schedule pick up your fencing when you no longer require its use. Simply call us at 817-369-3340 to place an order today.


Reliable Materials

We Meet Your Expectations

Our temporary fences in Dallas are strong and durable. Our clients tell us again and again that they can count on our fencing to fulfill its purpose. The materials are made to withstand the pressure you put on them, meeting your expectations every time you rent them from us. We use only top-quality materials as they are most reliable. We carry many different types of fencing options, so you get the one that best suits your needs. In addition, we keep your site as safe as possible by suggesting the best type for your specified use. They are stable and made to fit within a range of locations, even when space is at a premium. We also inspect each fence that leaves our storage building to ensure it complies with our high-quality standards here at Temporary Fences Dallas, TX.


Competitive Prices

Clear and affordable prices

We are well known in Dallas for providing competitive rates. We value your business and therefore offer rates that won’t break your budget. When you are in the middle of a project and require temporary structures such as fences, we want to help you in your time of need. That is why we have fair prices and do not have any hidden fees. As well, our staff is always friendly and courteous in our dealings with you, and our goal is to satisfy you completely with every order you place with us. To request a free price quote, simply call us at 817-369-3340 today

If you want to receive a price quote, arrange a temporary fences rent, or want answers to your questions, give us a call now at 817-369-3340

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Do you plan to rent temporary fences? If so, we have easy tips for you to follow here.

If you live in Dallas, TX, there are many reasons for wanting this type of short-term fencing. Common uses for the rented fences are for construction sites, housing sites, storage, crowd control or safety reasons. While the ordering process should be straightforward, it helps to know what questions to ask when you order a fence. Following these tips will help save you money, time and energy in your already busy schedule. Get the correct fencing solution for your project!

Steps to Follow When Renting a Fence

  • - First, make sure you have the right information available when you phone for a price quote. We can help you with this process when you call us at 817-369-3340.

  • - Second, consider what questions to ask of the company you call for a price quote, to get the most accurate quote possible.

  • - Third, and lastly, decide where you want the temporary fence to go and prepare the location for where it will be put, so that it can easily be installed without damaging anything at your site.

How to Get a Precise Price Quote

Get an accurate price quote to make sure the fence cost fits within your budget and to prevent any surprising extra costs later.


To get a precise estimate, start by preparing the materials that Top Notch Temporary Fences in Dallas, TX will require from you when you call for a free quote at 817-369-3340. We will need some basic information to be able to prepare and deliver your order properly to your site.

What any temporary fence rental company in Texas would want to know is what purpose you require the fence for at your desired location. If, for example, you want the fence to limit visibility to your construction site, then we would suggest a fence material and design capable of doing so. This is quite a different product than one intended for crowd control purposes at a special event.

As well, what type of ground is at your site? While there are temp fences that require post holes, making them a good option for dirt or grass, others are better suited for paved surfaces. By determining these site characteristics, we can then begin to recommend a type of fence for you. The most common kinds of fencing materials are chain link, wire or steel, with different sub-styles available.

As well, have an estimate of the size of the site for which you require the fence. We ask that you measure the number of feet of fencing you require. One way we use that information is to figure out how many fencing panels we will need to fit the entire perimeter for a full enclosure. Top Notch Temporary Fences will find the perfect solution for your needs that fully comply with governmental standards and made of strong, reliable materials.

As there are so many types of fences available, it is wise to have this information ready for us when you call for a price quote. As well, call us within at least one week of when you require the product so that we can accurately compute your price quote, and to ensure we have your fence type in stock. This advance ordering also enables us to schedule your fence delivery for exactly when you require the use of it.

How to Ask For a Price Quote

When you have the necessary information ready, you are then set to call Top Notch Temporary Fences at 817-369-3340 for your free price quote. Should you have any questions, we are happy to help you at any step in the process. Our staff are friendly and highly approachable.

Most rental companies base a quote on fundamental costs and how long it will take to build the fence you need. The cost includes the amount of feet of fence required. As well, there are many types of panels available that each cost different amounts.

Insurance is also important to ask about in the quote, as some rental companies charge extra for it. Inquire whether it is included in the quoted price or will be an additional fee.

Another cost in the quote will be access gates for vehicle or pedestrians; these gates fit within the fence line as a way to provide easy access in and out of the site. Ensure the gate is part of your quoted price to avoid any surprises later; it may even be included in the material cost in the quote.

As well, determine how long you will require the temporary fence. If it is for an event, for example, ask to have it for a day after the event ends, if the space is available to you. That will give you adequate time to clear the area before the rental company picks up the fencing. If you are not ready for pick up then you will incur a penalty. Ask what the extra charge is if you keep the fencing longer than the booked time.

At Top Notch Temporary Fences we are open and honest with our fees so that you always know the bottom line. We tell you upfront what fees you will have to pay, depending on your usage of the fencing.

Other Questions to Ask

As well, we suggest you have an idea of how high you want your temporary fencing to be for maximum safety of everyone within or outside the site. Common heights for fence panels are 4’, 6’, and 8’. If you are not sure, Top Notch Temporary Fences in Texas is happy to assist you with determining the best height for your particular location.

You may also want to request extra fencing support products, particularly if you are worried about crowd control or have other safety concerns. In this case, we can suggest a stronger type of panel, as well as options such as fencing clamps or sand bags that add extra support. Usually, a lock and key for the fence is included in the price quote; be sure to confirm this at the time you call the rental company, just to be sure.

Where to Get Temporary Fencing Rental in Dallas


When you require boundaries, trust in Top Notch Temporary Fences as your fencing provider. We offer strong, durable fencing solutions for your special events, construction sites and other locations where you want limited visual access or site protection.

We have an experienced crew that is punctual and professional in all dealings with you. Our rates are affordable, making us a high-value company. In addition, we are flexible in terms of how long we can provide you the fence, so that you get your ideal fencing for the time you want it. We also offer a broad range of types of fencing to you, so there is always an option that fits within your budget.

Now you have all of the information you require for when you rent a fence for your next project. It’s easier to do when you have all of this information available to you. Give us a call at 817-369-3340 to get a free, accurate price quote from us, so you can get the best temporary fencing solution in Texas for your site. If you have additional questions, we are happy to answer them too.

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